Heatwarming Birthday Prayer for Daughter from Mom


Birthday Prayer for Daughter from Mom: Your daughter had another wonderful birthday, and you want to thank God? Here’s a prayer that expresses your gratitude to God for blessing your daughter on her special day. Thank the Lord for all of his blessings in her life, from the day she was born till the present. Let your child know how much she is loved by adding a personal touch to this prayer. This is a thoughtful birthday message for any daughter who loves hearing about her mom’s love for her.


Birthday Prayer for Daughter from Mom

  • Dearest daughter, I am praying that the magic of this day will overwhelm you with happiness and the joy of the Lord will keep your most beautiful smile on your face. I am thankful for every moment we spent together and for all the moments yet to come. I love you very much and wish you a happy birthday!


  • My darling daughter, I wish you a happy birthday! May there be love in your heart, healing in your body, sunshine in your soul, and patience in your temperament. May they be the guiding light throughout your life to help you accomplish your dreams today and tomorrow. Love always, Mom.


  • Oh, the beautiful daughter of mine, the thought of you makes my heart beat like mad. My darling girl, on my 18th birthday, I take this opportunity to pray for you. Allow God to protect you from all forms of danger while keeping you away from all evil. I love you and I care for you more than anything else in this whole world!


  • My darling daughter, I wish you a very happy birthday! It has been an exciting time watching you grow into a wonderful young lady. My one prayer which is constantly on my lips is that the Lord will continue to guide and protect you. Happy birthday to you!


  • You are my pride and joy! I love you in every phase of your life. You have grown up to be a stunning young woman, mommy loves you no matter what. Here’s wishing 47th birthday with all the happiness and success you deserve.


  • A mom’s prayer is to have a daughter who will continue to make her smile as you have made me smile every day of my life. Happy birthday, I am proud of you!


  • I love you so much that I never wished that you would satisfy your desires. All I want for you is to grow old in peace and live a loving life! Happy Birthday my daughter.


  • Dear Lord, thanks for blessing my daughter with a beautiful soul. Your grace has helped her in so many ways. She is not just my angel, but your saint too. I pray that you protect her always and lead her on the right path. Surround her with your love and help her in her daily deeds. Help me to grow old with her and see our grandchildren as she grows up. Bless us with long life to celebrate every new year with our children and remember all the good times.


  • Today God has seen fit to bring you into the world. I thank him for blessing me with the beautiful daughter that I have today. You have grown up to be a smart and charming woman who is ready to take on the world. May your life be full of success and happiness, may you enjoy each moment of your life, may you be able to achieve all that you dream of in life! On this special day, I want to wish you joy, happiness, and as well as good health!


  • You are my beloved daughter, and I wish I could give you everything you needed. I am an old woman and I don’t know if I can make it to see your wedding day. But whatever time I have left, I want to spend with you on this journey of life. From now onward, every night before going to sleep, pray for me and ask God to give me more time so that we can spend it together.


  • Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it the more it eludes you, but if you turn your attention to other things it comes and sits softly on your shoulder. I hope this birthday brings you many surprises and lots of happiness. Make each day a happy one dear!


  • Dear Daughter, you are my blessing from God above. My days just wouldn’t seem right without you around. Thanks for bringing joy to my life! May your birthday be beautiful and memorable. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your love and support.


  • Dear daughter on this very important day, there is a prayer in my heart for you as I always want the best for you. You are not only a girl who I gave birth to but my very best friend who I’ll remain with until I draw my last breath. Please remember that you mean everything to me.


  • Dear Daughter, your birthday is an occasion for rejoicing because you bring love and happiness into our home. May the Lord bestow upon your son all his blessings and guide you on the right path. Happy Birthday!


  • Darling daughter, may you soar high above the clouds today, in my heart, I pray that you find happiness in every direction. Having a daughter like you has been one of my greatest blessings in life. On your birthday baby, it is my prayer you receive all the love and care this world has to give.


  • Dear daughter, when I look back at all the happy memories and sweet moments we spent together, I want to say that you are a precious gift from God sent to me. You are the only one who has filled my life with joy and laughter. You are a great inspiration to all around you. May today’s celebration be a reason for you to remember how lucky you have been in life. My wish is that you have a never-ending source of love, hope, and happiness every time you look back.


  • Dear beautiful daughter–may your life grow in strength and grace, just like the flowers in your garden. Every morning I pray for you: God gives me the patience to accept what I can’t change, courage to change what I can, and wisdom to know the difference. On your birthday, I wish God give you many more years of health and happiness. May the flower of love blossom in your heart through all your life, even as it does in mine. Happy birthday!


  • Dearest Daughter, on this birthday of yours, I hope you have found your way in life. Each day that goes by, knows no boundaries for your dreams and wishes. When you are free to taste the nectar of life, cherish every moment of it.


  • Dear daughter, thank you for being the most awesome little girl ever born and placed in my arms. I can’t imagine a life without you. You brighten up my world every day, every morning, and every night. I know sometimes the mother-daughter relationship is hard but you’re the one who fills that gap. Happy birthday to you my baby!


  • My girl, as today is your day, I wish to make it special for you in every way possible. I pray that you work hard and achieve a lot in life. I would like to be a part of all the memories you create on this day. Wishing you a very happy 18th birthday!


  • Dear beautiful daughter, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Whenever I see your sweet smile, my heart melts and overcomes with an inexplicable feeling of love. You have been a brilliant addition to our lives and I have no words to express my gratitude for having you in my life. You bring joy, laughter, love, and happiness to our family! Happy birthday! My dearest daughter! Do not ever leave me! You are my treasure from God!


  • Dear daughter, on your special day I want to say that you are one of a kind and I love you very much. You have grown up to be very beautiful, intelligent, and caring. You have made me very proud to call you my daughter.


One Year Birthday Prayer for My Daughter

  • My darling daughter, today has dawned with smiles and blessings. Today is your first-year birthday and I pray that you live a peaceful and happy life filled with much love, joy, and smile. God bless you my love and keep you safe from all harm.


  • My daughter, as you turn one year old today, I feel so very blessed! You have brought joy and happiness into my life… and a lot of love into my heart! You are the joy of my life and the angel in my eyes. May the Lord shower His blessings and love on you forever. I love you daughter!


  • My princess! One year ago, when you came into this world, I could not have imagined that my life would change in so many ways. You are my sunshine. Your gentle smile brightens up my life. You are my morning and evening star, who guides me on the path of love and understanding. I pray for your future to be blessed with all the goodness that this world has to offer. Stay happy, innocent, and loving forever. Happy First Birthday.


  • My darling daughter, the happiest of birthdays to you! I’ve always loved you since the moment you were born. You are the apple of my eye and the reason for my happiness. As you celebrate one year on this earth tomorrow, I wish that every second spent with you is a second of joy in your life. I celebrate every milestone with you and hope you live an extraordinary life. May God bless you with all he has as He has blessed me with a priceless treasure.


  • Your first birthday is an extraordinary occasion. The wonderful things you have done, the milestones you have crossed, and the memories we have shared are marvelous. I am grateful for your presence in my life and always will be. You make me proud to be your mother. On this day, I pray God gives you peace and joy, prosperity, and health.


  • It’s your first birthday, dear daughter. You’re one year old now. I have watched you grow and develop into a wonderful person over the past year. Through all your achievements and disappointments, I have been there holding your hand and encouraging you. I was also there when you started crawling, speaking, and even did your first step. I am proud of who you are today and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. May you be happy and healthy for many more years to come.


  • Dear God, thank you for having blessed us with my daughter. We pray that you will continue to bless her, guide her, and be by her side always. Be the strength in her when she feels weak and be the constant positive in her life.


  • Dear Lord, I pray to you almighty to help my daughter reach the goals she has set for herself. Teach her to be humble and understanding. Teach her critical thinking and decision-making at a tender age. Guide her to learn but not always rely on others to solve a problem. Lead her path so that she may not stumble or fall. With your guidance, she will become the woman of my dreams and I shall be grateful forever!


  • My beloved daughter, may your dreams be big and your worries small. May you have many happy returns of the day!


  • Dear God, All I can say is thank you for blessing me with such a perfect child. Thank you for gifting her with looks that would make a beauty queen jealous, a mind as sharp as a tack, and a sense of humour that would make anyone laugh no matter what the situation. I am proud of everything she has achieved so far and all the good things to come in the future. Dear God, please bless her with your security, love, and wisdom – without them she is NOT complete.


  • One year has flown by and you still sleep peacefully through the night. One year has passed since you had a bath and your hair was still super soft. But now you’ve been enjoying food for the last 10 months, which is great. Happy first birthday my precious angel! I love that little face so much and it makes me sick to go grocery shopping around all the sugar. I hope you don’t get diabetes– like your Mommy.


  • Dear God, thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this beautiful baby girl. I know you have given her an angelic face, and a cute little round chin. You have truly blessed me, and I am forever grateful to you. Thank you for all that you have done for me. Amen!


10th Birthday Prayer for Daughter

  • God bless my little girl. You are the light of my life. As you grow up into a beautiful lady, I pray that your life will be filled with joy and happiness. Thank you for being such an angel to our family. On this special day, I wish you a happy 10th birthday!


  • Dear Lord, today is my daughter’s special day and I pray that you will guide her, protect her and give her wisdom. I pray that you will always be by her side and bless her with hope, joy, love and keep giving her the courage to move forward because she is just 10 years old but seems like a grown-up. Thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful gift.


  • God has blessed you with so many wonderful qualities, and I am so glad to have you as my daughter. On your day, I sincerely want to thank God for guiding me to you, your mom, and the children that came after you. You are indeed a blessing. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am while I am with you. You may be getting older today, but you will always remain my little baby forever. Happy birthday, honey!


  • Dear Lord, Thanks for this wonderful creation. I am thankful for bringing my daughter into this world and I will guide her so she can reach the top. My child, trust your mother. I love you and on this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday!


  • Dear daughter, I pray the new year gives you a fresh start, and that your dreams come true with ease. I wish you a bright future filled with love and happiness.


  • Lord God, as we celebrate the birthday of my daughter, I thank you for the gift of my child. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see her grow into a mature lady.


  • Wishing you both strength and joy each day of your life my dear. I am happy to say that tomorrow is the birthday of my beautiful daughter. I have spent the past 10 years raising and caring for you, doing everything possible so that you may enjoy your short stay on earth. Even though these past five years have passed very slowly, they have also gone by quickly because of all the moments we have shared together.


  • Dear God, I pray that you will bring my daughter (name) good health and wisdom. I thank you for blessing her with a strong body and healthy mind. Help her to reach her goals, wishes, and dreams.


  • Dear, you have been a great figure in my life and I always look to you as a source of guidance. I hope to be like you one day. I am eternally grateful for the role model you are for me and for your undying love for me. On this special day, I wish that you receive all the blessings of God upon you! Happy birthday.


  • I love you so, my daughter dear. If a hundred words could say what’s in my heart, I’d choose just one: I Love you dearly.


21st Birthday Prayer for My Daughter

  • Dear daughter, today is your 21st birthday! To this day, I am very happy as a mother. Wish you a lifetime of health and promotion. More beautiful experiences and better-loved ones to accompany you will be granted. Let us together enjoy the happiness. Also wish you succeed in both your career and love. Daughter, my love for you will last forever and ever!


  • Daughter, the time keeps flying by. Today you are 21! My little baby girl has become a woman! These past months, your life has been a rollercoaster of emotions – with joys and sorrows intertwined and often overlapping. But whenever I see your beautiful smile, my heart swells with happiness. On this day, as you embark on a new journey in life, I want to tell you all my wishes for the future.


  • Dear daughter on your special day, I want to say a prayer for you. May the Lord bless you with peace as you make new friends and create wonderful memories as this day unfolds. I pray that the Lord will help you realize that your heart belongs to Him and that He is using you as a messenger of love. I pray that the Lord will help you realize that the best part of tomorrow is today! Be safe, be happy and enjoy this day to the fullest extent!



  • Dear daughter, may you be blessed with divine grace today and every day. May joy be your companion and faith guide you in life. On your special day, I thank God for he knows without Him we are nothing. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl on earth.


  • Dear daughter, may you live a long and blessed life. May the hand of God make you into the best woman that you can be. Always know that our love for you is everlasting and will never fade. Happy birthday to you!


  • Dear daughter, you have always been my pride and joy. You are the apple of my eye. Let me pray for you, my dear.


  • No father can truly say that his daughter is perfect but I can because of you. You have always been a great girl and I hope that you keep it that way. You are a great daughter, sister, and friend. I wish you double the joys of life on this very special day. Please, know that I love you more than life itself!


  • Dear Daughter, I wish you all the best! I hope your life will be filled with love, peace, joy, and contentment. May God bless you with a long, happy and healthy life. You have been such a wonderful daughter through the years and I am so proud of you!


  • My dear daughter, you are the best of my friends, my lifetime companion, and the closest thing to my heart. I am proud to remember the day you were born and the way we celebrated your birth. You will always be in my heart; I love you so much.


  • Lord, I thank you for this special day in honour of my daughter and thank you for the mother she has become.


  • I pray that your days upon this earth are always filled with grace and love. Let your life be a testimony to those who will come after you and let them learn from you the art of being a good soul.


Prayer for My Daughter on Her 16th Birthday

  • My daughter is turning 16. This made me reminisce about the baby days when we had to change her diapers and feed her with a spoon. The initial sense of helplessness that I felt has since been replaced by much love, care, and trust you placed in me to help you become who you are today. I know my daughter is going to have a wonderful birthday party but I also would like to send blessings up to God that he has always cared for you and guided you every step of the way to success.


  • I couldn’t imagine what a better daughter than you could be. You have grown into a beautiful young woman, inside and out. I couldn’t ask for anything more on your 16th birthday. My prayer for you my darling girl is to have the courage to face all challenges, be kind to others without a second thought, and allow yourself to find joy every day.


  • Dear daughter, today is a very special day. It is your 16th birthday! I am proud to know you. You have grown into a young woman with all the potential in the world. Your days are bright for the future. I wish you continued success in life and may God shower His blessings on you always! Happy Birthday!


  • Dear daughter, I pray that God will shower you with his love and grace, that you may be a great blessing in this world. I pray that the Lord will help you develop into a virtuous young lady. May all the people around you love and respect you. Then in due time, the right man will come into your life and bring joy to your heart. May God always wrap His protective wings around you, that you may bloom to be a rare gem amidst weeds. Happy Birthday!


  • You have grown into a lovely young woman today, but there will always be some things that I wish we could do over. May God bless you on this day and all the days to come. I love you with all my heart! I pray that He keeps you safe and by me always.


  • My daughter, today you are celebrating your birthday. Although you are small and there is a lot of growing left to do, I can proudly say that you are always like a giant to me. You are pure and honest like the snow; beautiful and soft like a duckling; affectionate and compassionate like a mother; my heart is filled with pride at what wonderful daughter I have to love. Wishing you a special birthday!


  • Baby, today is your birthday and you are so special to me. I am hopeful that you will grow into a great woman who would plant good seeds in the lives of many. May God grant you long and healthy life so that you keep smiling always. From my heart, I wish you a very happy birthday, dear.


  • Thank you, dear God, for blessing my daughter with this special day. May her life be constantly protected, and may you put forward people and circumstances on her way that support her in being the person she wants to be. Protect her from bad company and give her the ability to make good decisions. Give her a pure heart and lead her by the hand through the world, so that she will become a good human being. Fill out hearts with love today and forever!


  • On the day of your birth, love entered my life for the first time. After your birth, I realized that a new purpose in my life was to look after you and make your world a better place. Every step I took as a father was to ensure that you got a wonderful childhood, every sleepless night I had was because of your crying. Without knowing it, you changed my life in so many ways; today my wishes are that somewhere you can feel how much I love you.


  • Sweetheart, I am certain you will have a wonderful birthday celebration. Many great things are about to happen in your life and trust me, you will have the best time of your life. I wish your day is filled with the warmth of love and the serenity of peace. My heart carries so many blessings and love for you to become a blessing to others. Enjoy this special day in your life!


Thanksgiving Birthday Prayer for My Daughter

  • Thank you, Lord, for making my daughter a star and blessing her with intelligence, beauty, and kindness. I lift her up and pray that she grows to be strong in faith and to be an instrument of God’s love and peace. Happy Birthday!


  • Dear Lord, please watch over my daughter as she celebrates her birthday. Bless her with the wisdom and patience to understand that life is not always fair, but even in its ups and downs, your light will always shine on her. Embrace her with the divine compassion you have for all of us, and let those blessings flow to her abundantly today. I will never express how grateful I am to have you by my side as we journey through life hand-in-hand. May your soul be filled with heavenly light and peace.


  • As your mom, I pray to God that you stay sweet and kind to others. Guide you in the right direction and steer clear of trouble. I wish all your wishes come true on this very special day. I love you. Have a happy birthday!


  • May the only daughter of mine, have a very Happy Birthday! I pray that you make all your dreams come true! As a gift to you, I will give you anything your heart desires, if it fits my budget. Love you girl!


  • Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of time, and the gift of my daughter. Thank you that the last few years have offered me so many beautiful moments I will always cherish and remember. Please protect her from all harm and give her the strength to face all life challenges. God, bless my daughter with good health and a peaceful soul.


  • Thank you for the many happy and sweet occasions of life. You are indeed the finest daughter in the whole world. I thank my God, that He has sent me such a beautiful and caring girl like you! Best wishes on your birthday, my dear!


  • Thank you, dear daughter, for your birthday greetings. Always remember that I will live with them in my heart always. May God continue to bless your life and may He be glorified in all you do!


  • Lord, I think the hardest day in a mother’s life is the day her daughter turns 18. No longer are we deemed mothers but friends, even if we don’t want to. We no longer have the control we once did. All of our hard work will never be enough as you graduate from high school, college and get married and have kids of your own. I’m thankful for every conversation we’ve had, each time you said your prayers and for each morning I see that smile on your shining face.


  • Thanks for always being there for me. I love you so much. May God bless you with a year filled with joy, peace, and prosperity! Happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday to you a day filled with joyful thanksgiving and gratitude at the same time. May you have nothing but the best as you step into your new age.


  • Dear daughter, I remember when you wanted to be a doctor and you used to play in the dirt with your toy stethoscope. I loved being with you in your dreams. Just when I thought that the world was a big place, you changed the whole perception of life by walking into my life and turning everything upside down.


Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Daughter

  • You are my angel. You deserve the best in life. I am grateful for you and the love you give me. I hope your day is filled with joys of laughter, smiles, happiness, and most importantly love. Reach for the moon because even if you miss it, you will land among the stars. Happy birthday to my dearest daughter!


  • Happy birthday, my daughter. You have brought a lot of happiness to my life by being the daughter I always wanted. I hope that the very best that life has to offer for you is all coming your way in good time.


  • I wish you a happy birthday, dear! There is no other girl that I would rather have as my daughter. You have always been there for me, standing by my side at the best of times and in the worst of situations. You are my rock and I couldn’t ask for a better blessing in my life.


  • Dear daughter, I am happy that you have decided to share your birthday with me. I have always been delighted to be in your presence, and this joy shall never die. You are a fantastic mother and the best role model in the whole world! Happy birthday!


  • Oh, my daughter, how the days fly by! I look at you now and see a beautiful woman. Where has the time gone? It looks like only yesterday when you were a girl, but you are now all grown up. Happy Birthday, darling! Thanks for being born!


  • Dear daughter, you have brought so much joy to my life and that makes me feel blessed. As you turn a new year older today, I pray that you continue to walk the path of success, happiness, and love. What I wish for you most is a long, healthy, and happy life.


  • Dear Daughter, I wish you all the best for this special day of your life on earth. May you celebrate it with a joyous heart and be surrounded by loved ones. Today is a happy day because I have another opportunity to thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter. I pray that He preserves you and grants you peaceful moments in this life as well as eternal happiness thereafter. My every good wish is always with you!


  • On this day, I pray that God blesses you and showers you with blessings as he has done for me. I also pray that he leads you and guides you through your life. Whenever you are faced with a situation, think of me and everything I have taught you, so that you can make the correct decision. On this day filled with Happiness, smile because your birthday is here. Happy Birthday my sweet daughter.


  • My day starts with your beautiful smile and goes on to a happy ending because of you. It will be incomplete without you around. You are my treasure and the love of my life; I pray that God bestows many more years of abundant joy and happiness in your life ahead. Happy birthday!


  • I hope you enjoyed your birthday party Mom! Remember to be a good girl, and stay out of trouble. I will always love you no matter what. Happy Birthday, darling!


  • You are the greatest gift that dad and mom have ever given to me. Thank you for your always love and care. Happy birthday!


  • I see you are growing so fast. You have grown into a beautiful young lady, who knows what she wants in life. I remember that when you were two and playing around with your toys. Every day you used to ask me how old I was; I am now happy that you remember all that I told you and step out of my footprints when it comes to experience. I cherish you dearly, today I pray you to continue to grow and succeed in all you do.

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