Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes Message

Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes Message


Send a heartfelt happy marriage anniversary wishes message to those special couples, marriage is a journey; wish the couples well as they mark their wedding anniversary today.


Marriage is beautiful only if the husband and wife can tolerate each other and live in happiness together, however it is not always a bed of roses, it requires patient, perseverance, love and sympathy.


In this post, we have carefully composed some of the best marriage anniversary greetings or wishes to warm the heart of those wonderful couples. You would love one of them.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes Message for Couples

• May the joy of today last forever in your heart, wishing you both happy anniversary.


• You two have always been a good example of how best couples should live, my best wishes on your anniversary.


• Wishing you love, peace and harmony, happy anniversary to such an awesome couple as you.


• May the Lord grant you both long life and prosperity, I’m happy to be part of this beautiful day, best wishes as your marriage clock 5 years today.


• May we continue to count more beautiful years in happy marriage anniversary for you, this is wishing you both the best in life, happy anniversary.


• You are the best couples that anybody would wish to meet, may the cord that binds you together never be severed, happy anniversary to you.


• May the love that you shared together continue to blossoms in your heart, happy anniversary to great couples.


• This is wishing you God guidance and protection as we mark ten years of your beautiful union with you, I’m delighted to be part of your success stories, happy anniversary to you.


• On this beautiful day, I pray that the Lord continue to shower his love and blessings upon you and your lovely family, you have been together for ten years, I wish you many glorious years ahead, happy anniversary.


• You have always been amazing couples, thank God that I know you two; I have learned a lot of beautiful things from YOU, keep being great, happy anniversary.


• Let your face beam with smiles and your heart filled with happiness, happy anniversary to the best couples in town.


• You have done great by leaving together in peace and love, I pray that my Lord would continue to care and support you both, happy anniversary.


• May these beautiful years that you have lived together be multiplied in many folds, happy anniversary.


• Just as cute as you are, wishing you more memorable years in your marriage, I’m wishing you a wonderful anniversary.


• Marriage is full of ups and downs, but against all odds, you have stayed together, may you experience more years of happiness together, this is wishing you all the best.


• Marriage is a school, and for you to stay together for ten years, it means you have passed your promotion exam, happy marriage anniversary.


• You have let love reigns supreme in your heart, wishing you good health and prosperity, happy anniversary to the Johnson’s.


• I admire your beautiful life, keep it up, you are great couples, happy anniversary.


• Shine like the moon and glitter like the stars, I have known you for years, and you’re a perfect example of a beautiful couple, happy anniversary.


• The best is yet to come for you, stick together in beautiful love, happy anniversary to a lovely couple as you clock 15th year of being together.


• Walk together holding each hand, look here dear, you are just perfect couples that everyone wishes to be, happy anniversary, wishing you all the best in love.


• There is love in the air because lovely couples like you are ten years together today, wishing you all the good things of life, happy anniversary.


• May the Lord turn your sorrows to happiness, your failures to success, and your imperfections to perfect, happy anniversary.


• Just as you have stayed together for many years, may you live more years of happiness together, happy anniversary.


• I was there on your wedding day fifteen years ago, and thank God I’m wishing happy anniversary 15 years after, wishing you and your lovely wife a happy anniversary.


• How fast the years roll by, this is just the perfect way to live together, happy anniversary wishing you all the beautiful times together.


• From days to weeks, and months to years, you lived in empathy, which is the best way couples should live, happy anniversary.


• Keeps the fire of love burning, never live one another, you need each other to be complete and happy, and this is wishing you forever happiness, happy wedding anniversary to you


• You are worth more than all the treasures of the world when you stay happily together, wishing you more wonderful years to come, and happy anniversary.


• You look amazing as husband and wife every day, I’m happy to know you both, happy anniversary, wishing you all the best.


• I can see the star shining above you two; your future together is as bright as the moon, happy anniversary.


• I have been searching for the perfect words to describe the two of you; I think you are just too marvellous, happy anniversary, wishing you happiness all through your life.


• To say marriage is always a bed of roses is, to say the least, marriage is a school, and the two couples are the students, the one that works hard and endures would pass the test, may you continue to shine on each other’s eyes, happy marriage anniversary.


• Everything about you two is beautiful, may the Lord continue to add to your happiness, happy anniversary to you.


• The best of wishes to you and your lovely wife have a beautiful time together, happy anniversary.


• On behalf of my family and I, I’m wishing you happy five anniversaries, may continue to be in love, peace and harmony.


• You are like light in the darkness, like rain in the desert; you are so beautiful living together, happy anniversary, wishing you more happy years in return.


• To beautiful couples like you, I wishing you nothing less than everlasting joy, happy anniversary to you.


• I thank God for these beautiful moments for you, may he continue to be with you all through your life, happy anniversary.


• I can’t imagine this wonderful day passing without wishing you well, you have made a beautiful union in marriage, it is six years of blissful married life, happy anniversary to the world best couples.


• It is the Lord that chooses you and the Lord would continue to bless your marriage, happy anniversary wishing you all the best.


• It is a beautiful sunrise today, may the Lord bless your heart together, happy anniversary, wishing you a memorable experience.


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Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes Message from Husband

• Every day is a day of thanksgiving to me ever since I married you, you bring peace and joy to my heart, God bless you, wishing us more memorable years together.


• You bring me joy, you bring me happiness, you make every single day that I lived with you the best day of my life, happy 10th year anniversary of being together, may the Lord fill your heart with light from heaven.


• Though there are be ups and downs, you have shown that I can count on you all the time, you are the best wife in the world, there is no doubt about it, happy anniversary my dearest, may your life continues to receive God’s blessing.


• Words cannot express how much you mean to me, thank you, my dear wife, for the care and love that you have shown me all these years of our living as husband and wife, you would always be beautiful in my heart, wishes us many years of greatness and success.


• When you smile at me, all my worries often vanish, God brought you as a comforter to my soul, I don’t know how much to thank you for all that you have been to me, may our life blossoms forever, in love and in peace, happy 12th year of spending your time with me in love.


• Sometimes it may be a pain, other times it may be happiness, but you have always stood by my side all the time, you are the angel of my life, wishing you happiness immeasurable, happy anniversary my sweetheart.


• On the day of our wedding you told me you would be there for me no matter what happens tomorrow, this you have demonstrated even when it affects your happiness, nothing I can use to describe you but an angel, thank you for everything, wishing us long life and prosperity, happy 8th year if beautiful union.


• Heaven chose you for me, you are just the perfect wife that every man would pray to have, happy beautiful anniversary with me, I would always love you as long as I lived.


• Honey, thank you for working with the best counsel the wise men and women gave to us on our wedding day. I must say it has been so magical living with you; nothing could convince me that you are not a sort of angel from heaven.


• Your love would continue to shine in my heart even when I die and resurrected, there are few of your kind as a wife, God bless your heart all the time of your life, wishing us more joyful years together, happy great day.


• You are the moon of my night and the sunshine of my day, I feel happy to have you with me every day of my life, happy anniversary darling, keep the shine, and you’re the most astonishing wife.


• It’s a heart filled with joy and peace, what more could I ask for when I have you, thank you for being my cheerful heart every day, may we live more memorable years together, happy anniversary my beauty.


• To me, it has been great ten years of sharing in my happiness and in my pain, of making a sacrifice, of showing sympathy and empathy. You are so amazing, the time has proved that all I could say to you on this beautiful day if our wedding anniversary is thank you for all that you have been to me, you are such a wonderful wife, God bless your heart.


• I have heard stories of divorce and shattered home, for us, we chart a beautiful path together, the path of love and the path of sacrifice. Sometimes I felt as if the whole world was crashing on my head, but you are always there to urge me on, I couldn’t have been better than I’m now without you. I owe you all the love in my heart, thank you, my beautiful wife, happy anniversary with me.


• Our beautiful journey together is not devoid of hitches and potholes, in fact at some point in our life we have to be resilience, with a great love for one another, we have conquered pain and loss, for you and me it has been a win! Win!! Win!!!, happy anniversary sweetheart.


• We were two imperfect souls, but when we come together as a soul mate, we became a perfect being, life is cherishing to be living with you, you are such a wonderful wife, happy anniversary.


• Keep looking good, keep shining, and keep being the best wife too, as for me I would keep being that sweetness in your heart, happy anniversary, my love.


• Millions of stars cannot shine the way you shine in my heart, today is not just our wedding anniversary day, but a day of filled with sweet memories of that joyful day of our wedding. It has been ten years of blissful marriage with our two lovely children as symbols of peace and love, thanks for being my beautiful wife, happy anniversary.


• My heart is full of happiness and joy, not just because of the numbers of years we have spent together, but because of those times of sacrifice and selflessness, you are more than just a wife, and a great mother to the children, you are the angel of our heart, happy anniversary dearest.


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Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes Message From Wife

• If there’s anything more beautiful than love and loyalty, I would say that is what you mean to me, happy anniversary my dear husband, wishing us many more years of a happy life together.


• You are my bright light, you are my everyday joy, and you are my peace and harmony, happy anniversary wishing us all the best together.


• Everything about you smells nice and beautiful, you are my happiness that never ceases to flow to my heart every day, happy anniversary my hero.


• You that super husband that every woman need, I’m the luckiest to have a wonderful husband like you, you are cute, warmly and amazing every single day that we shared together. And it has 5 years of cherishing moment with you, happy anniversary my dear husband.


• You are like a lamp whose light shines brightly everywhere that you go, words are short of describing everything that you mean to me, may the Lord continue to bless you every time of your life, happy anniversary darling.


• In beautiful moments like this, I can’t help but to shed tears of joy, you are my most priceless Jewel’s, God bless you all your life, happy anniversary my beautiful heart.


• I’m so happy today, I remember every magical moment of our life together, you are more than amazing to me, happy anniversary my handsome.


• If every woman can have a wonderful husband like you, then I can bet it that every marriage would be bed roses. Spending my life with you is the best decision I have ever made in my life, I pray that God keep us together in safety hand forever, happy anniversary my blossom.


• Every day has always been a fantasy to live with you; you are the real example of what a good husband should be to every woman. I’m so happy to be with you, happy anniversary my love.


• You are my good dream come true, life can’t be more blissful than I’m feeling with you, thank you for treating me in the best way a great husband should be, thank you for making me breathe fresh air every day.


• To say that I’m happy spending my every day with you is an understatement, but I would rather say, I would be the happiest to be with you forever, thank you, my benevolence husband.


• You have kept all the promises of our marriage vow, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, marrying you was by divine providence, you are my shining Star, happy to be with you, happy anniversary.


• You make my life the envy of other women, people see me and said I’m looking great and good every day, it’s all because of you, I don’t know how much more to say thank you for your love and care, I would always be the wife you would be proud of, happy anniversary.


• God had been good to us, it has been some great five years of our living together, I can’t wish for more things, thank you O Lord for the beauty of a husband you have given me.


• You were my bosom friend before I married you and you still remain the flower of my eyes after 10years of marriage; you are great honey! Happy anniversary.


• What a miraculous of a beautiful day, today is our wedding anniversary and the day that we welcome our first child, it is a double dose of happiness today, happy anniversary my love.


• You are the moon of my heart and the sun that warms my body every day, I couldn’t imagine how my life would have been without you, thank so much my love for all that you have been to me, happy anniversary.


• Though I have always celebrated every day with you because you are special, today is worth more to be celebrated because it marks the beginning of our blissful journey together, happy anniversary my sugar.


• I have never been to heaven before but I heard that it is the most beautiful place to live, however, that’s what you make me feel with you every day, you are my heaven on earth, happy anniversary my dearest.


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