Healthy Drinks Captions for Instagram

Let’s face it, even though we all try to eat right and stay active, we all crave delicious, sugary drinks at times. No matter the season or the time of day, there is probably a type of sweet drink that will fit your mood. This can cause us to overindulge in soda and juice, though if we’re not careful, below are some healthy drinks you need to know.

Healthy Drinks Captions for Instagram

Get your body to its healthiest state yet with our new and improved drinks that are loaded with flavor, vitamins, and nutrients.


The new healthy category is here. Make it a part of your daily routine.


Keep your body strong and ready for any activity this summer with these healthy drinks 🥑🥝


What’s your plan to drink healthy this season?


You don’t have to sacrifice taste for health. Try our smoothies!


If you’re not already, start drinking more water and less of the unhealthy stuff.


The best thing you can do for your health is take care of yourself.


Keep your body hydrated to keep your muscles strong.


Drink up! Let’s get our spirits right 🍹😎


You don’t have to be a guru to drink the best-tasting drinks. Here are a few tips for you survive the end of summer and start the new season in great form.


We’ve got the cure for all your thirsts—and the ones you don’t even know about.


Health is the wealth of your body: it is worth more than all the riches you possess. Be very careful in spending your health, for it is a limited quantity.


The tastier and cleaner the better.


Healthy drinks can be delicious. Healthy drinks don’t have to be boring. Try the new flavors of the week, or pick up some seasonal favorites.


If you’re thirsty for something healthy and delicious, give our drinks a try!


You’re only human if you start the day with a healthier drink.


Whether you’re eating well or not, drinks are essential for your health.


Drink your way to a better you.


Got the night off? Then you’re ready for a healthy beverage.


Always have a glass of water with you. It will make you feel better, healthier and you won’t feel guilty for sipping it all day long. #Hydrate


A healthy life starts with a healthy diet 🍳 🌿️


From the get-go, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality ingredients and our complete focus is on your health.


Drinking water can keep your body hydrated, fresh and ready for action.


There’s a reason why these drinks spark innovations in food and beverage. They’re made better when you put the right ingredients together.


There’s no better way to start your day than with a glass of Pomegranate Blueberry.


We’re not just about the coffee—we’re about the whole coffee experience.


Health 🥑 is on our mind. Healthy drinks are the best way to start the day, fuel your body and taste great!


What’s your favorite healthy drink to sip on? 🍵


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so choose your breakfast from our healthy drinks.


The perfect refreshment: healthy, tasty and not too sweet.


We love a good healthy beverage. This morning, I’m having one of my favorite black teas from @__


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a healthier body? 💪🏻☕️


If you’re not drinking your water, you’re not living a healthy life.


Not sure if it’s because you’re super fit or the fact that you love premium coffee. Either way, these cold brew coffee drinks taste like the real thing. 🍹


It’s not just what you drink, but also how you drink it.


You’re not a monster for wanting a better you.


The perfect solution to your sweet tooth craving.


Have you found your happy place yet?


The only thing better than a healthy drink? A healthy lifestyle.


Gotta love a healthy drink to fuel your day.


Sip on this delicious, healthy drink that’s perfect for your afternoon pick up!


No matter what you’re drinking, it’s important that your beverage is healthy & delicious.


Get your day started with a healthy glass of _____


Let’s have a healthy, vibrant life!


Low Calorie, Zero Sugar. No Added Sweeteners. Just natural goodness from plants.


Healthier living starts with the right decisions—like drinking water.


These are the days when a big, bold, delicious drink is really needed.


Drink away your thirst. The best part of hydration is the feeling of not knowing what’s in it, which makes it so much fun!


You’ve got this, we’ve got your back.


for an energizing start, try our smoothies.


Health is where the journey begins, but it is also where your taste buds begin. Have an adventure with us and drink healthy drinks.


Health is wealth. Get hydrated with more than 1,000 calories of nutritious drinks 🍃 💧 🍉


Our new drinks are made with fresh ingredients to help you feel energized and healthy.


You deserve a healthy (and delicious) lifestyle. That’s why we’re committed to crafting our own, original drinks with real ingredients you know and love.


Our superfood drinks are packed with goodness. Our mission is to make you feel good from the inside out—and it starts with a healthy start.


Feeling thirsty? We’re glad you asked. We’ve got your back with a wide selection of healthy drinks that taste great and are good for you.


Switching up your morning routine? You’re not alone. We’re here to help you reach your health goals with our delicious, healthy drinks.


The only thing better than one healthy drink is two.


From the inside out, these drinks are everything you need to keep going strong.


Drop the sugar, increase your awareness and drink up!


Make your morning more delicious with our drink of the month: The Vanilla Latte.


Make it a goal to drink at least one litre of water every day.


Feeling a little more energized? Cheers to that!


Feeling the need to cool down? We’re here for you.


Healthy drinks are the bomb, but get it in my coffee


Healthy drinks that give you a boost of energy and help you focus.


Eat your way to a healthier lifestyle with our healthy drinks. ☕👯🍃


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when life gives you healthy drinks, make them healthy. #healthydrinks


Drinking clean, healthy drinks that fuel you through the day.


Feeling like you need a pick-me-up? Try these healthy drinks from our list of the best low calorie beverages out there.


You can’t live a healthy life without eating right, but you might not always want to. That’s why we make it easy to enjoy our drinks anywhere and anytime!


The best way to get your heart pumping is with a refreshing drink 😃


Drink up—our new drink is made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Be the healthiest you possible can be.


The best way to get more out of life is to make time for it. It’s okay to take a break and enjoy your water.


Healthy drinks are better for you, and better for the planet.


Get your game on with our healthy drinks that are made for every occasion


Feeling healthy yet? We do too. Give our new drinks a try!


We have the best natural drinks you’ve ever tasted. Always be yourself!


The kind of drink that makes you feel like you’re living the healthy lifestyle, but with the taste you love.


Healthier beverages are all about balance. Here’s our guide to making the most of your healthy lifestyle:


Calling all teetotalers and non-drinkers—these drinks are made for you. #KeepItPure


Say goodbye to the sweet tooth and hello to the healthy way of life.


It’s okay to drink this stuff because it tastes good and makes you feel good.


Not Just a Drink. It’s a Whole New Way to Live.


Treat yourself with a glass of water! ☕


You need a glass of this in your life.


We’re not just about healthy drinks. We’re about creating a world where everyone can live well and thrive.


The key to a healthy lifestyle is hydration. That’s why we’re on a mission to bring you healthy drinks you can feel good about drinking.


Get your vitamin boost with these refreshing, tangy and healthy drinks that are perfect for your busy lifestyle.


Start your day off right with a healthy drink 🍷💛


We’ve got you covered when it comes to healthy drinks. We give you all the yummy goodness of coffee and tea in a refreshing, easier-to-drink form.


Kick your sweet tooth to the curb and get into the habit of drinking a glass of water every day.


Feeling the effects of a healthy, active lifestyle? This smoothie is all you need to keep going strong.


Get the boost you need to keep moving with our non-carbonated, nutrient-dense drinks.


Smoothies are a major players in supporting your health. These smoothies will not only taste great but they will also help you reach your health goals.


No sugar, no dairy and no preservatives. Only the best for your body and mind.


Spring into the season with these smoothies that are bursting with bright vitamins and antioxidants. 😎🥥☀️


The health benefits of cold-pressed juices are endless. From their high nutrient content to its ability to improve overall health and wellness, there‘s nothing quite like the taste.


Refreshing and revitalizing, our #SparkingDrinks are the perfect kickstart to your day or simply a great way to cool down after work.


The only way to make a perfect summer. 😎


Our healthy drinks will keep you going all day long.


Healthy drinks that taste good, cause no harm and can help you stay healthy.


Drinking a healthy drink won’t make you skinny, but it will make you sweat less. #dontsuger


Fix your health with this delicious, refreshing, and nutritious healthy drink recipe.


Get healthy this season with our new drinks.


A healthy drink will always have a place in my life. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in, I’ll always have something that tastes good and has health benefits in it.


Your go-to when you need a boost of energy, healthy and refreshing taste.


It’s about time to make your health a priority. Our fresh-pressed juices will keep you energized, healthy, and ready for anything life throws your way.


It’s never too early in the day to start your day right with a glass of water.


Drink up your stress, don’t sip it.


The only way to detox is to try something new.


We’re all about the good stuff.


If you’re not fully invested in your health goals, then you’re doing it wrong.


You’ll have this down in no time. 😉


Healthy drinks that taste great. Drink up and live in the moment ⚡💧


Healthy drinks that taste good. You deserve it!


Start your day right with our healthy drinks. Every sip is made with goodness and flavor to help you power through the day.


Power up your day with the best-tasting, most healthy drinks


Drink your way to a healthier lifestyle.


Feeling fresh and ready to conquer the world with a healthy drink?


Kick start your day with a healthy, refreshing drink. You deserve it.


Drink your way to better health with our #nojokevice


Kick off your weekend with one of these fresh, healthy drinks 🌞💦


Fuel your body with the natural goodness of delicious and nutritious smoothies.


It’s not just a pretty face. It’s a healthy one.


We’re not just trying to make a healthy choice. We’re doing something that’s actually good for you.


It’s time to get ready for your best day yet. Drink up with these easy-to-make smoothies and juices that will inspire you to get moving this fall!


You’re here to get healthy, not to get swirly.


We are not just making healthy drinks, we are making healthy lives.


So many healthy drinks that you can incorporate into your diet, learn more about what they are and how they can help you live a healthier life.


Got some healthy drinks you’re craving? We’ve got your back, no matter what you’re craving.


Get your daily dose of antioxidants with our smoothies and juices.


Kickstart your day with a bold, healthy beverage.


Hit the gym and get your sweat on, but stay hydrated with high-quality drinks.


The best part about smoothies is that they’re not just for breakfast


Boost your energy, and help you wake up with a delicious smoothie.


The secret to a healthy lifestyle is more water.


Give your body what it needs – fresh fruits and vegetables.


Our recipes bring you the whole spectrum of foods that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


You can’t beat the feeling of a fresh glass of water. And we make it easy to sip, swish and shake all day long.


We made you something better.


That feeling when you drink this…


No matter how you feel, something delicious is waiting for you.


Healthy drinks are the key to a successful start to your morning!


Give your body a boost with these healthy drinks


It’s not just what you eat, but how much. We’re all about the balance in your life and that includes healthy drinks to help you live a more balanced life.


These cold-pressed, organic drinks are a good way to get your vitamins and nutrients while still being cool.


Drink up and hydrate. Don’t let your #health suffer because you’re too busy working out to drink water 😳


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that these juices are probably healthier than what you’re drinking right now.


Drinking more water can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your overall health.


Get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with our delicious smoothies.


Get your glow on with these vitamin-packed beverages.


We want you to drink more of the good stuff. So we’re giving you the power to choose your own adventure.


You are strong. You are capable. You do not need to be held back by a limited number of calories.


Summer is here and it’s time to get your blaze on 🍹 🍸 🍨 🍅🍉


There’s something refreshing about drinking a healthy drink.


Hitting the gym and making healthy drinks is so much more than just a taste preference 🍷💯


Get your health together with our pure, plant-based and healthy drinks.


There’s no time like morning to start your day with a healthy drink.


Get your fix of fruits and vegetables with these quick and easy smoothies.


We’re here to fuel you with the best ingredients and drinks that taste good.


The best way to start your morning? A glass of water with a kick. 😉


Don’t just drink your water—drink it with a purpose!


Feeling no pain, but the sweet taste of health.


Your body is not made of glass. It’s made of water, air and blood, so be sure to keep it hydrated all season long!


Your body is your home, so don’t let anyone make it less comfortable. 😎


Be the change you wish to see in the world.


When you embody the healthy drinks movement, you can drink them anytime—and anywhere!


We’re all about the good stuff this week! Healthy drinks, healthy food. They’re not mutually exclusive.


It’s time to stop obsessing over calories and start drinking Responsibly.


Be the first to be #healthy and stay healthy.


It’s the healthy way to get your caffeine.


Get your hydration on. Our smoothies aren’t just for breakfast, they’re delicious anytime of day.


Rise above the mundane. Drink your healthy juice! 🍇 🍇 🍉 🍉 🍉


Get hydrated & energized to crush it all day long. ☀💦


Be healthier by adding more filtered water to your daily routine.


The only thing better than a delicious ICE CREAM, is a delicious ICE CREAM that’s good for you! We’re here to help.


It’s time to add a little more sweetness to your day.


You won’t find a better way to start your day.


Living your best life starts with the right fuel. ☀☕


#DrinkOn is where you can find healthy drinks at an affordable price 🍃


Get your hydration on with these healthy, delicious and refreshing drinks. 😋


Get your game on with our zero calorie drinks.


It’s the most important thing you do for your health. Drink up with our antioxidant-rich juices and smoothies.


Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, drink your way to better health. 🍾 🥑 🍂 💪


Feeling thirsty? We’ve got you covered with these healthy drinks 😎


It’s about time to drink up—to feel your best with these healthy picks. 🍃☕


A little bit of fizz and a lot of flavor goes a long way, especially when it comes to your health.


It’s not just about the taste. It’s about the lifestyle you create that helps you live long and healthy. –MD


Good health starts with good hydration. Whether you’re hashtagging it or not, your body can’t function properly without it.


Start your day right with a glass of water.


No dairy, no refined sugar, no preservatives and no compromise. These are the rules we live by. For the most antioxidant-charged food around 🍌 🌱


Make your body the best it can be – with all the good things in life.


Your body is capable of so much more than it’s telling you.


Feeling good. Healthy drinks are easy to drink, taste delicious and make you feel good!


Fueled with vitamins and minerals, our healthy drinks make the perfect pick-me-up.


Make your body and mind healthier this fall with our new line of healthy drinks.


We’re drinking to the future of healthy drinks. #FitnessWithFlavor


You can have your coffee and eat it too. Enjoy our healthy drinks for a boost of caffeine and antioxidants to start your day off right.


We all know the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So pour yourself something delicious and healthy…like this Avocado Green juice!


Get more hydrated with our refreshingly cool drinks 💦


It’s not just about the juice. It’s about the attitude.


You can’t live a healthy life without tasting great.


Life is better with a glass of this in your hand.


The only way to drink is by the glass! 🍻


Let’s talk about how to get fit right.


It’s the ultimate summer beverage🍇


Healthy drinks to get you through the day. Whether it’s a coffee, smoothie, juice or water, they’ll help you keep going with no crash


We’re making healthy drinks easy and delicious. Join us.


get sizzling with these healthy drinks that have zero added sugar and a whole lot of flavor.


Feel your best with a healthy drink.


The best way to start your day is with a healthy fresh drink.


Drink up with a healthy dose of nutrition and vitamins.


hey guys, i wanna drink something that’s full of antioxidants and nutrients. (said in a calm tone)


They’re more than just a treat. They’re a way to get your 5-a-day, boost your immunity and feel good all over.


It’s important to have healthy options for yourself and your family.


Staying hydrated. It’s not a diet…it’s a lifestyle.


When you’re not feeling hungry, but still want to eat something healthy.


Healthy drinks are just as good as the healthy foods you eat. 🍏🍂


Healthy blenders and healthy drinks. That’s why we’re here 🚀🌱


We’re about to make healthy drinks into an obsession.


Go for a healthy and nutritious drink. It’s the best way to start your day, especially if you’re busy.


You can never go wrong with a good health drink.


Get the natural boost your body needs with our non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, fruit and vegetable based smoothies.


Our cold-pressed juices are packed with nutrients to keep you looking and feeling great.


Hitting on the gym? We’ve got you covered with our drink recipes that are so good you won’t even think about skipping your workout.


The best part of waking up is the first sip of coffee. The best part of your morning is the first sip of our healthy coffee ☕️☕️


Find healthy balance. Find your path to health.


Health isn’t only something you have; it’s something you do every day. ☕


We’re not just a restaurant, we’re a movement. Come join us to live better and healthier.


Here’s to the health of our bodies, spirits and community.


Life is like a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. You need to squeeze the juice out of it and enjoy every drop.


These days, healthy drinks are all the rage. So if you’re looking to try them out, we’ve got you covered with our wide selection of juices, smoothies and frappuccinos 🍫


We’re obsessed with these #healthy drinks. 🍰💚


What’s your favorite healthy drink?


Drinks that are good for you, and taste delicious.


What’s the best thing to drink when you’re looking for a quick boost of energy? #DrinkWater


Refresh, refuel and rejuvenate with 100% juice, smoothies, and more.


Hydrate. Chill out. Take it easy with these delicious and refreshing drinks ☀️


Fitness doesn’t have to mean some weird concoction of lemon and water. This is just a smoothie that tastes super good and helps you meet your fitness goals 😎


It’s time to kick your iced tea habit, and switch to a healthier alternative: iced coconut water 👌🏻


We inspire you to be your best you, to eat right and live healthy. Here’s to a strong mind and body!


Smoothies are the way to go for a healthy start to your day, no matter what time of year it is (referring to this smoothie).


Drink more water to stay well hydrated.


The only thing standing between you and your daily quota of water 🌊 🍻 💧


They say “no pain, no gain.” But I say: no drink, no gain.


It’s National Coffee Day. Drink up! 🍃🍂


Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with our new drinks. #drinkwell


It’s the new “In” thing to drink healthy smoothies and juices! Find one that’s right for you.


Start your day with a healthy drink.


The best part of a workout is the post-workout drink. Enjoy healthy drinks that fuel recovery and leave you feeling refreshed.


Be your healthiest self with these delicious, nutritious drinks. 🙂


We all want to feel our best, so drink up!


There is no better way to start your day than with a refreshing, healthy beverage.


We know that taste can change your mood. That’s why we’re always working to make healthier snacks even better.


Get to the bottom of your health goals with a cleanse. 😜


Get your sugar fix with us 😍


You gotta give your body what it needs.


Feeling thirsty? Try these healthy drinks for a boost of hydration 💦 🍃


Feeling thirsty? It’s time for your favorite healthy drink.


We’re not just your average blender. We’re the best blender for your health and wellness goals.


Get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals by adding a splash of this to your water today. #DrinkUp


The feeling of healthy and taste is… amazing.

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