Luau Instagram Captions

Luau is one of the most iconic parties in Hawaiian culture. If you want to throw a successful luau, there are a few things you will need to know. But don’t worry. I’ll break down all the details, so you can get ready for your own luau.

Luau Instagram Captions

Savor the tropics with a cocktail and our delicious Luau.


Grab your friends, call up some family and get ready to Luau.


The Island of Oahu was created to be a home away from home, and it’s where we make our Luau.


Luau! It’s the party of the year. No fancy drinks, no fancy cocktails—just a big bowl of deliciousness.


It’s time to celebrate the inherent beauty of summer and all the interesting things that happen during this season. We’re looking to Luau, Hawaii with our friends and family! 🏖️


The sun is shining, the surf is up and it’s time for luau.


We’re in the mood for some luau 🍤🥗


Come out and celebrate with us on Friday, June 16th. We’re throwing a luau!


Come and join us for a luau! See you soon 🤗


Time to start planning your vacation. We’re taking you on a trip—to Hawaii 🌴


A tropical paradise. A feast fit for a king. And the perfect way to celebrate the season.


No worries, no stress. Just a day at the beach.


It’s time to get down on the sand and kick back.


Luau is the perfect mix of sophistication and sophistication that comes with a taste of tropical flavors to create an irresistible experience for you and your guests.


Kick off your weekend with a night at Luau Beach.  Time to celebrate with friends, family and of course, the drinks 🍾


It’s time to get ready for a party, a Luau


We have a beautiful Hawaiian Luau-style swimwear collection up with super cute one piece swimsuits and bikini sets to help you look like a true island princess


Spice up your summer with our Hawaiian Luau Spotify Playlist.


After a long day, we’re thirsty. What better way to end the day than with a luau?


It’s time to celebrate summer and all the good things happen in the sun. #Lauauren


You’ve waited long enough. It’s time to celebrate that life is a party, and you’re the guest of honor.


The perfect way to celebrate summer!


The perfect way to toast this weekend! 🍹


If you’re looking for a place to host your next luau. We got ya covered.


We’re throwing a #Luau on the beach this weekend. Who wants to join?


A night of celebration, a day of relaxation and a lifetime of memories. Luau


Let’s get together and have some luau!


Be ready for the hottest night of the year. Get ready for luau.


Hello, luau. We’ve been waiting for you all summer 🌴🌺


Let your Hawaiian luau turn into a tropical feast.


With tropical cocktails and island vibes, it’s no wonder we love our aloha shirt.


Say hello to the best time of year for any party animal. 🍻🎉


The party doesn’t start until the sun goes down. Let’s get it started already and celebrate life.


The sun, the sand and the cocktails.


The party starts with a drink, then hits the beach and ends with an amazing meal. 🏖️🌴 🎉


Live like you’re going to be hit by a truck.


We’re not just a place to have fun—we’re a place where the best times happen. Luau, Aloha!


It’s time to get ready for the best Luau of your life.


Hapa Luau. A place where you can be your true self, with people looking at you like, “Who are those people?”


There’s no better way to celebrate than with a luau.


You’re invited to our luau. Come out and have fun with us. ☀😎


Get ready for the luau of your life.


I’m ready to luau, my friends. Hit the beach and make me a hibiscus margarita.


Laauu, a Hawaiian word meaning celebration. It’s the perfect time to bring out your best side and shine!


In this tropical paradise, all you need to do is put on a Hawaiian shirt and relax.


Get ready to get your groove on at this week’s @lauralexis_guitar show.


Come celebrate summer with us!


The party’s over, it’s time to relax! 🍹 🐘


Sip on the fresh taste of a Luau night at #CoconutLava while you relax with friends and family!


The perfect recipe for a Luau. It’s time to get out your Hawaiian shirts, shorts and sandals and make this classic summer drink.


Who says you can’t have luau at home? We’re about to find out.


Every day should be a luau of fun. Grab your friends, have a drink and celebrate life!


Let’s get together on the beach for a luau.


Don’t miss our summer luau this Saturday.🌴☀


A luau is an event, a celebration of Hawaii’s culture. The music, drinks and festivities are key to the fun.


You’re invited to a luau—an island party with a tropical twist. 🌴🌴


Let’s go to the beach, the one where they eat all kinds of yummy things.


Tailgating, with friends, and a lot of fun.


Get ready for your next tropical adventure with our new Luau swimwear collection.


Make the most of your time away from the daily grind with a plunge into the warm waters of Luau. Book your stay today!


The sun is bright, the beach is sandy and Luau season is here.


We’re bringing the island vibes to life with a lavish celebration of all things Luau. Sail away to paradise 🌴


Do you feel it? The anticipation of a new Luau is in the air…


It’s time to dig in and get your luau on.


Gather your friends and family, pull up a beach chair, and let’s luau at the beach.


The only thing that will make a late summer picnic better is an early fall luau.


Let the celebration begin—a luau to live long and prosper 😎🍹


Put on a Hawaiian theme and you’re ready to go.


The islands are calling and your best tropical look is waiting on the shoreline. 😎


Let’s lay back and enjoy the beautiful sunset with a cocktail in hand


A day with friends, family and good food.


Put on your dancing shoes, because tomorrow is the start of #ThePartySeason.


Life is better when you’re in the mood for Luau.


It’s a Luau, here we come! 🎉🎊


Let the good times roll at our luau!


Sip, Savor and Refresh—Sailing into Summer with a luau of your favorite island drinks.


The only luau you need is in our heart. 🌴


It’s time to get ready and get on the luau 🙌


We’re getting ready to luau like nobody’s business. ☀


It’s time to get loud and luau-y with this Maui shirt. Now available in our shop!


Let’s get together for a luau 🍞


A luau without a fire is like a concert without music.


The best way to celebrate summer is with a party fit for a king. 🤸🏼‍♂️


🐖💆🏻’s Luau is a celebration of everything that’s great about summer. With an expansive menu and serious cocktails, it’s one last hurrah before it’s over.


Let our Luau collection inspire your next luau party 🍸


Stop by our Luau at the beach on Friday.


Want to get your Luau on? The only thing better than a good time is a great party.


In a truly Hawaiian spirit, we’re all about celebrating that feeling of being alive and having fun. Luau, Mai Tai, Nooner—whatever you want to call it, we’re ready for you!


Get ready to party like it’s Luau, but with a modern twist.


Fire up the grill and get ready to luau.


We’re about to luau it up, let’s get this party started.


Put on your dancing shoes, grab a Mai Tai and get ready to party like it’s the last night in paradise.


The perfect blend of tropical bliss and laidback island vibes 🍹


Come on and celebrate with us! We’re going to light up your summer nights with our love for tropical island vibes, fun food and friends.


When you’re on a tropical island, and the sun is shining. The sky is blue, and the drinks are fizzing. Life is good.


Let it go and celebrate your summer vacation with a splash of tropical color.


Dive into a tropical paradise 🌴


It’s a Luau Party—that’s why it’s happening every hour on the hour for two days!


Luau—the ultimate event for friends and family to celebrate together.


The best way to celebrate is with a luau.


This #luau is going to be fire 🔥🔥


It’s time to party—our luau is back and it’s an island wonderland of entertainment, food and dance.


Throw on your best pineapple shirt, your ukulele, and your best friends. We’re going to a luau.


Celebrating the end of summer with a luau! 😎


When the luau starts, it’s time to get that Mai Tai going.


Let your hair down and celebrate on a luau.


There’s no place like home. There’s no place like Hawaii, on the beach and with a big bowl of Luau!


No matter what your favorite tropical drink is, you can’t go wrong with a Luau.


Bring the #Luau to life this weekend with these fresh, fun and colorful recipes! 🍍🌴


Let me celebrate you, with some tropical drinks and music. Luau


Kick off the summer with a splash of luau!


Luau is about to get going, so start things off right with this tropical cocktail 🍹


Flip a coin. Heads we go to the luau. Tails, we stay here and have an extra hour of sleeping in. #luau


Ready for a night of luau-style fun? We’re ready too.


You know you’re at a luau when the food is good, the drink flows and the music is loud.


In the tradition of summer nights at the beach, swimsuits optional and music loud. That’s right, we are going to luau tonight!


It’s a party, it’s a luau, it’s your weekend away from it all!


Where summer is celebrated with luaus, it’s always time to party.


It’s time to party like a Hawai’ian!


The best way to celebrate is with a big party and lots of friends. ☀🍁


The party is always better with friends. 🌊


Luau is back! Click, click and go to your local store.


Our Luau is full of good vibes and always put a smile on your face.


This Luau. Wanna do a Luau?


The luau is coming up next weekend, what to wear? It’s the time of year when everyone starts planning their first Hawaiian trip.


Let the good times roll and let the luau begin.


Life is better when you’re on a luau.


There’s a special place in our heart for summer parties, and we’re bringing the spirit of luau to life this season.


Life is a luau, so get your party started.


Party like it’s a luau with these tropical cocktails.


When you find yourself in a luau in a tropical paradise, do what you want and everything’s going to be alright.


Let’s get down to the business of partying!


Let the coconut rum satisfy your tropical taste buds 🍹 🍼 🍻


Let’s get this party started! 🎉


We’ll be raising our flutes to celebrate that summer is here. 🍹


Luau is the year’s hottest party, and you’re invited.


Oh yeah baby, we’re going to Luau tonight.


Welcome to the luau, a place of endless fun and excitement.


A celebration of the Pacific Islander culture and heritage, Luau is a traditional feast of fresh seafood, tropical fruits and vegetables, roasted meats and cheeses.


Life is meant to be lived. Luau


Don’t miss out on our luau this summer.


We’ve got the perfect attire for a luau, including some leis and a hibiscus print dress.


We’re all about the luau this weekend. Share this drink to enjoy with friends and get ready for a great time.


The best way to celebrate the end of summer is with a luau 🎉 🍸 🍹 🌴


“Life is a luau, don’t forget to bring leis and grass skirts”


You’re on a luau. You might as well have some fun ✨


Think of this as the perfect excuse to take the week off and enjoy an island getaway with friends.


We’re going to the beach 🌴in our bathing suits 🤸🏽 and we’ve got some Island Cove cocktails for you!


It’s time to get that island swagger on.


You’re gonna need a vacation to give you the energy needed to create something beautiful.


We’ve got the music, we’ve got the dancers, we’ve got the drinks! Luau time is here!


Luau is a tropical paradise with a touch of the exotic.


It’s time to celebrate summer with our Luau blend.


Let the sun shine in, a place to relax, and let us help you experience a Hawaiian island retreat. #HawaiiLuau


It’s time to luau! Bring your friends, family and favorite food to our rooftop pool and party like it’s the last night on earth.


A bold, tropical take on the classic beach house.


Come join us for a day filled with fun, food and drinks!


Cheers to a great weekend. A celebration of friendship, family and good times 🏖 🍹 🌴


On the beach, in the water… and in your mind.


Bring on the summer! 🌱 🌸 🏖️…


Kick back, relax and take a break from everyday life. The Luau is the perfect way to celebrate your weekend.


It’s time to celebrate life, friends and fun. Luau at the beach.


#Luau is a time of rebirth and renewal. Meet us at the beach and you can get away from it all, just for a moment. 🌞☀️


Sometimes you just want to eat a bowl of rice and dance around a fire. This Luau is for you.


Luau time! Bring a smile to your face, and a big appetite to your dinner table this week.


Let’s get luau’n. The sun is shining, the drinks are flowing and there’s no better time to #TeamLavazza!


You’re invited to our luau party. A Hawaiian-style spread of fresh catches, tropical cocktails and island ambiance.


A beach vacation with friends is always a good time, but a luau under the moon? That’s definitely tops.


A luau is a party that lasts all day and night. It’s an island-wide celebration 🛰️🤰


Glam up your social life with this tropical-inspired glow. 🌴💃


Brighten up your day with a refreshing tropical cocktail and some kick-ass background music.


Don’t worry about being perfect, just relax and let us do it for you.


The sun and the sea, together at last!


With a mahogany finish and classic design adding an upscale look to any room, our Luau is the ideal piece for your living space.


Make a splash with our wildest Luau yet. 🌴🌴


Luau time is here, and the drinks are flowing.


The good life is one where the Luau blends into the background


It’s the perfect night for a luau. 🙌🏼


We’re setting sail on a luau of deliciousness!


It’s party time! Time to luau up your life and have fun with it.


At #luluau you can expect a tropical oasis with a playful vibe that makes you forget you’re on the beach.


You can’t tell us not to have a party. We’re going to start one, and you can’t stop us!


A little island paradise is right around the corner 🌴🌴


Who says a tropical theme has to be subtle?


A Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party with food, fun and entertainment.


Find your fun this summer at our Luau!


Kick off your Luau weekend with these tropical cocktails.


A night of Luau in the sun 🌴🌴


Make a splash with this special tropical Luau theme.


You know what’s better than a luau? A big bowl of your favorite noodles 🍜


Life is a luau, try not to crash the party. ☀🌴


Live in the moment, drink in hand and your body feels so alive!


The real reward of life is not in the comfort, but in the growth. Always get better at what you do


It’s no secret that we love our beachy vibes. Luau is the ultimate water temperature for a tropical day.


Enter the Luau in a tropical paradise


Luau will be here in a few short hours. It’s time to kick back and unwind while we eat great food, have a good time and enjoy the company of each other. We are so excited for you to join us!


Come and savor the magic of the Luau, where our chefs are ready to serve up a feast you’ll never forget.


It’s Luau time, and we’re partying hard 🍹🍰


It’s not too late to join us for a night of fun, friends and luau music!


Nothing says summer like a luau.


The only way to roll is to luau.


Let’s celebrate the beautiful luau of life with a party that will make your heart chipper and party people happy. 😎


Friday night. It’s time to get lit!


The perfect weather, the best company, and unlimited food  It’s a feeling like no other.


Let your inner beach babe shine! 🌴🌺


We’re going all out this weekend, with a Luau party that’s crazy good. Come join us!


Let’s get together and celebrate our Luau day.


We’re taking over your Instagram with our first-ever Luau series. Join us next time for a delicious feast, an unforgettable night and a tropical trip you won’t forget!


The Luau is a celebration of the tropical sun, beach and island life.


The best way to celebrate a summer day is with a luau.


It’s a luau, not just in name…but also in taste!


Let your hair down, relax and enjoy the luau like a Royalty.


Let’s luau together on the beach and celebrate the summer with some pina coladas in our hands.


Let your inner Hawaiian princess shine.


Let the party begin!  Enjoy the best way to celebrate a holiday—with friends, family and delicious food.


Cheers to the summer and all of our favorite things.


Live life in the moment and enjoy the best moments with friends and family. Happy fall season!


The best way to celebrate a special occasion is with friends and family. It’s a time to make memories and create new traditions.

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