Best Happy Birthday Wishes Ever

Best Happy Birthday Wishes

  Birthdays are special days of sending that beautiful birthday messages from to that wonderful person in your life, we have carefully composed the best happy birthday wishes ever here …

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I Will Love You Always and Forever Quotes

I Will Love You Always and Forever Quotes

I Will Love You Always and Forever Quotes

Let your love stuck to her heart by sending one of these beautiful collections of I will love you always and forever quotes.

Love is kind, love is beautiful when you are in love with someone and the person is in love with you too, every day seems like a paradise to spend together, but sometime you may not see your love as often as you wish. So the need to send a lovely message to her to let her know you love her comes to mind.


We are here to help you find that beautiful message that would make her smile, check below for your favourite.

I Will Love You Always and Forever Quotes


• I have always promised you that I will never stop loving you, and every day that comes is a beautiful time to make my promise true, I love you.


• You’re lovely, caring, kind and beautiful, I will always love you.


• The most joyful time of my life is those few moments that we shared together, you are like heaven to my heart, I love you.


• When I looked into your eyes, I see nothing but paradise; it is going to be you and me forever in sweet love.


• Paradise is near to my heart when you are next to me, you are so cute and beautiful.


• Your sweet thought never left my heart; I cherish you all the time.


• I dreamt of you every night before I met you, my heart was already prepared to love you forever.


• The first day that I set my eyes on you, I knew that I would love you with all my heart because I couldn’t resist the urge to love you.


• I find life more beautiful when I’m by your side, you are the angel that GOD sent to me, I love you.


• I wish I had known you earlier than now, I couldn’t have imagined how happier I would have been.


• When you smile at me, I feel such sweet warmness in my heart; we are made for each other forever.


• Thank God I found an angel like you; I couldn’t believe that I have found true love.


• You’re the flowers that blossoms in my heart, you are the light that shines brightly, you are the most adorable woman I have ever seen, I love you with all my heart.


• My heart is full of your sweet thought, I couldn’t imagine a world without you that would mean nothing to me, I love you.


• I can die for you because you are worth my life, thank you for being a better part of me.


• I wish I could hold your lovely hands now, I miss you.


• I have asked my heart all over again, whom it loves, and it says you, I will never live your side, I love you with all my heart.


• Every sunrise is a promise of a new day to love you more, my day is incomplete without you, I cherish you, I love you.


• I want to be the best that I could be to you, your love is rekindled in my heart every morning when I wake up every morning, you are beautiful to me, I love you.


• I feel so happy to live with you, you are this beautiful woman that I wished I had known all my life, I love you.


• In this life of cheat and deceit, I never knew that an angel like you still exists; you make me trust in love again.


• Looking deep into your eyes gives me a special kind of feeling that words couldn’t describe, I have vowed to be with you forever and to give you all my heart.


• I have been searching for accurate words to describe how you mean, I couldn’t find one, and all that I can say now is that you are my All.


• Every moment that passes without you I felt like a fish out of water, you are the joy of my heart; just a minute with you every day would make me feel so joyful.


• I thought I have loved so much, how wrong I was because for every second that passes your love increases in my heart, I lived with your sweet thoughts, I love you so much.


• You keep my heart in a state of warmness every day because your love never leaves my heart, you are the reasons I smile every day.


• I head to toe in love with you, because you are a special kind of woman that my heart could not resist, I love you.


• You redefined the true meaning of love in my heart; I couldn’t imagine that I found a precious gift like you.


• There may be vicissitude of life, but be sure that your love would ever be fresh in my heart because I love you so much.


• I just realized that it is important not to love you, I feel so joyful living my every day with you, I love you.


• You are the kind of woman I prayed for, and God answered my prayers, just to let you that you are beautiful.


• You are the miracle of my life, I adore every moment with you.


• If you can see through my heart, you would see how beautiful you are to me, everything about you I love.


• The greatest joy in my heart is ever meeting you; you change my life from good to best.


• Love has dealt me some blow, back then, it really cost me years of unhappiness, but when I found you, you change all that, you made me forget all the past pain, now my heart is pure and beautiful because I keep your love there.


• If I die today, I would thank God I have ever met a beautiful woman like you, and I would wait for you in paradise.

You are my sunshine

I Will Love You Always Quotes

• I love you just the way you are, your imperfections are perfect, I have given you all my heart, I love you so much.


• Everything you ever make me feel is beautiful, I would always make you happy.


• You are the wealth of my heart; I’m happier and richer than the richest man in the world because I have you as my wife.


• You are beautiful inside and outside, you are the best wife that any man would pray to have, and I’m that luckiest man.


• I miss you just the moment you take the first step from home every morning, I wish I could go with you everywhere that you go, I love you with all my heart.


• I may not do everything to give you, but I would give you all my heart, you make every day memorable to me ever since I found you.


• You are my angel, I love you more than you can ever imagine, and I would love you more tomorrow.


• A million stars do not shine as your love shines in my heart, you are the brightest part of my life, and I love you.


• I have seen many beautiful faces, but I have never seen any face that fascinates me like yours, you are a priceless gift from heaven.


• You are cute to my heart, you are lovely in my eyes, no one can take your place in my heart, and I love you so much


• I have been thinking of you all day, you are the most beautiful gift for my heart, I love you.


• I love to hear your sweet voice, I love to kiss your lips, and everything about you makes me happy.


• Darling, I may not be there by your side every day but I would keep you in my heart all the time.


• You are the oil that makes my fire burn, how beautiful you make me feel every day, I love you so much.


• I was afraid to fall in love with any woman, but when I found you, I found out that you are special kind of woman; I have to love you with all my heart because you deserve it.

• Your special way of treating me is so unique, and this your attitude touches my heart, it gives me more confidence in you. I will never stop loving you.


• The truth is that it will be hard to leave without you, as you always been a special person to you, I will always love you for the rest of my life.


• I can’t stop thinking about you as a person because you have been so special to me; this is the reason why my love for you is forever.


• As you gave birth to my kids, my love for you increased. You are the love of my life, the one I will always be proud of you.


• You are my happiness, if I stop loving you, it means my happiness will fade away. I will never stop loving you.


• It is because I met you that’s why I am happy today. Holding your hands in the house is one of the most precious feelings of my life.


• The most beautiful moment of my life is the one that has to do with you. I am in deep love with you.


• I just want to be with you no matter what, I want to be yours, I want to the man that will take good care of you.


• Loving you has always been my priority, I realized that I can’t stop loving you, you have been so nice to me.


• There is no way I can forget a person like you. You are my dream, my joy, my wife and the best mother in the world.


• Whenever you smile at me, I feel like a wonderful star in the sky, the aura of your smile is the most beautiful light I saw this year.


• The truth is that I will always be with you all the time, I will be with you as you may want, I love you to the end.


• Thinking of you is a therapy to my mental health, it gives me the ability to enjoy the world as I want. I will never stop loving you.


• Whatever it takes, I will do in order to maintain my love for you. I will be there to take good care of our kids.

I love you quote


I Will Love Forever Quotes

• I promise you will never be tired of loving you. Your love would be as bright as the moon in my heart, I will love now and always.


• This is like a promise, I am just happy that you are part of my life. I will always cherish the most beautiful wife in the world.


• Your smile is so powerful, the truth is that you will always remain the man of my life. The king of my heart.


• Being in love with you is not a mistake, it has been predetermined, this could be the reason why I will always love you.


• The moment you came into my world, it has been clear to me that being in love with you is the best decision taken this year.


• I need a companion that will be proud of me. I don’t need to go too far because I already find you in my life.


• He has given me the assurance to be happy, I will not forget him for anyone else. You will always be the man of my life.


• For there is no man as handsome as you are. That wasn’t my first priority about you, it is because you have got the best attitude I need in a man.


• I prayed to God to give me a man of understanding, behold we met. I am lucky because I could confirm my prayer in you.


• Loving you is my pleasure; it is my happiness, my joy, my grace and the most amazing achievement so far.


• The tears of my eyes contain the passion of you. I love the sweetness of your companionship. I am in love with you for the rest of my life.


• You have been so sweet since the day I set my eyes on you. Your fragrance is the most interesting smell I love the most.


• Your face is the most interesting light I see in the morning, and your smile is the most beautiful thing I see in the night.


• I want to share my love with you forever. I want to be with you in all aspect of my life. You belong to me.


• To my beloved angel, you are the reason why I smile the most; you are the best angel that gives me joy the most.


• Anytime I am sad, your face is the first light I search for, your voice is the first music I listen to. I will love you forever.


• I will continue to love you, I will smile at you, make you happy for the rest of your life. I will never forget your admonitions and companionship.


• Your smile is so powerful that I cannot even resist it. I can’t do without blushing anytime I look into your eyes.


• You gave me a good reason to smile, you put your trust on me because you believed in me, and I prayed to God to bless you because you trusted me.


• Truly, I have been sad for many years until you came into my life. Does it mean you are the joy that has been missing in me?


• No matter how I tried to live without you, my heart keeps coming back to you. I miss you so much.


• To the most amazing lady, you have been so nice to me; you should be the one that will inherit everything I have.


• In case you need someone to make you smile, I am all yours. Just call my number and I will respond to you.


• You are so nice to me; this is one of the reasons why I will always be with you all the time. I will bless your heart with my love.


• I don’t actually know why your love is so precious to me, but the truth is that I will never stop loving.


• Let anyone say what he likes, the fact remains the same, I will never stop loving you. I miss you so much.


• You belong to me, you make me happy all the time. You are the best angel of my life. I wish you are here to keep me warm.


• If there is any woman more precious to me, it is you. I love you so much because your outstanding character cannot be denied.


• Your blessed smile is a remedy to my pain, anytime you smile at me; my nerves begin to work well.


• You are my honey, you are my pleasure, my angel and I will always be with you all the time.


• Thanks for these wonderful things you have done in my life. I will not forget you because you make me happy.


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