Romantic Love Quotes and Sayings

Romantic Love Quotes and Sayings for Him/Her

Romantic Love Quotes and Sayings

You don’t need to think of how to compose that romantic love quotes and sayings for him/her, we have done that for you in these beautiful collections of lovely text messages.



Sharing your heartfelt love through text messages, especially when the person is not with you could go a long way to cement your love in his/her heart, so be that cheerful lover, ignites her heart with that sweet love quotes. Check some beautiful love sentence below.

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Romantic Love Quotes and Sayings

• Nothing could make me believe that you are not an angel, ever since I found you, everything about you is beautiful, and I love you.


• I was lonely and sad before I met you, but I now, I’m the happiest man in the world because of you, I would always be your sweet love forever and ever.


• I have been searching for perfect words to describe you, and couldn’t find one that suits you best; you are my priceless Jewel’s.


• Every day that I wake up to find you by my side makes me happier than the day before, I can’t explain how you make feel, you are beautiful my heart.


• I can’t count how many times I fall in love with you every day, your sweet thought always occupies my heart, and I love you more than you know.


• There is something special about you that I can’t explain, I just found myself loving you more every day.


• You are paradise brought to the world, I have never had a reason to regret meeting you, and I love you so much.


• You are my sunshine on a cloudy day and moonlight on the darker night, everything you are to me is beautiful, and thank God I found an angel as my wife.


• I wish you could see through my heart now, you would know how much I miss you, you have always been the joy of my heart.


• Looking at your lovely eyes in the morning when I wake up, gives me the assurance of a beautiful day, you have always been the joy of my heart.


• I feel heaven when I’m next to you, God sent you to me to be my lovely wife and me your lovely husband that is we are happy together.


• I’m going to be with you together forever, I can’t imagine a world without you, and you are too precious to me.


• You are a treasured gift of a lovely wife; I couldn’t believe that I was the one that found you.


• Loving you has open my eyes to see the beautiful world every day, thanking for making my life a better place, I would always love you forever.


• A day without you is like a year of loneliness, I have since realized how marvellous you are to me, I miss you, I love you.


• Every day that I get to see you my heart rejoices as if it has missed you for more than a decade, you are the beautiful flowers that blossoms in my heart every minute that passes.


• A good day begins with your warmly smile, to my eyes, no woman is as beautiful as you, I love you with all my heart.


• When I think that I have a beautiful soul like you as my companion, I just feel perfectly ok, I’m the luckiest man living.


• Your voice is the sweetest voice I have ever heard since I was born, you glitter like a billion stars in my heart; I love with every beat of my heart.


• Every day is a memorable day because I found you, how would my life have been without you, I love you so much.


• If love could be measured, then it would be impossible to measure the love I have for you, in my heart you are precious than all the treasures of the world.


• I love to hold your hands in mine because when I do, I feel like I’m holding an angel’s beautiful hands.


• I have kept a beautiful place for you in my heart, I would always be there for you as long as I lived, and you are my dreams come true.


• Everything about you is memorable; I wished I had known you all my life.


• I feel I have gotten the most precious gift when I found you, and it had always been happy staying with you, you are an angel from heaven.


• God created you in the best form, I’m overwhelmed with happiness because you are in my wife, and no woman is as beautiful as you are.


• Every moment that I think of you I feel so joyful, my life is beautiful with you, I would make you proud of me, and I truly love you.


• I may not be by your side every day, but be sure that you would always be in my heart; you are the best wife in the world.


• I keep you close to my heart because you are warmly and beautiful.


• I choose you among the women of the world because you are the only one who makes me happy and the most adorable.


• I don’t know what I can do to make you happier because I’m the happiest being with you.


• Your thought warms my heart like the morning sunshine, but you know what, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.


• I just want you to know that your love overflows in my heart every day; I have vowed to love you forever.


• I was looking for a woman to Mary and I got an angel, your heart is so pure and beautiful, thank you for loving me.


• The more I see you the beautiful you are in my eyes and the more I love you, all that I could say every day is thank GOD I found you.


• You are sweeter than honey and sugar in my heart that is why I called you sweetheart.


• I wish I could tell you every second that you are beautiful, and I love you.


• You are my sunshine, you warm my heart with sweet love every day, I would be yours forever.


• I knew true love when I found you, I wish I could kiss you now, I miss you.


• Loving you gives me a special kind of joy; you are the angel of my heart.


• My heart overflows with your beautiful love every single moment, I cherish you so much.


• When I think of you, I think of that part of me that makes me smiles, it’s going to be you and me in beautiful love forever.


• Seeing your beautiful face every day is the best thing that I could ask God for because I love you so much.


• You are certainly the most adorable woman in the world, and I’m fortunate to have you with me, I would do my best to make you happy


• Every new day that comes, I pray that God bless your heart, you are too lovely to my heart.


• I want to be the smile on your face forever, you deserve a beautiful place in my heart, and I love you.


• One thing I never struggle to keep in life is keeping your love in my heart; it flows naturally into my heart because you mean so much to me.


• I ask God for you before I found you, so you are my beautiful prayers answered.


• Everything that I remember of you is memorable, what a beautiful heart you are.


• You promise me your sweet love and you never let me down, thanks a million times for making my life better.


• Whichever way life goes, staying with you would not be my problem; you have always been the joy of my heart.


• When I looked deep in your lovely eyes, I see nothing but paradise, my heart keeps your sweet thought all the time because I love you.


• I don’t want to spend a minute without you; words are short of how beautiful you make me feel.


• Spending a lifetime with you would be better than amassing the whole wealth in the world without you, I pray God to keep us together in good health.

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Romantic Love Quotes and Sayings

• She is the moonlight that lights up my way, she is the sunshine that makes my day a pleasurable one, and you would always remain my number one.


• We can walk together on the path of love, to bring happiness to humanity through the love that we share.


• When you raise your head up, you will see the happiness that has been given to you since the day you were born.


• Indeed, your love in my life is worth it because your presence is no less than something better than gold and diamond in my life.


• We shall be pleased with you because you mean a lot to our heart. That’s the statement of a king to his queen. We are in love with each other.


• Anytime I see you, my heart beats in the speed of nerves; I am so overwhelmed with the kind of love you show to me.


• Any moment I come around, I see you healthier than I left you; this is the sign of tranquillity in love. I wish you more precious life ahead.


• I need your smile because it is the reason why my heartbeat better than a secondary school drum. I love the rhythm of your heart; it is the best sound I love to hear.


• If I cry because I miss you, it is because I am already used to you, I can’t even think straight anymore. I love you.


• You have been so nice to me; glory belongs to the one that gave you to me. I love the aura of your smile.


• There is no day I see your face, the entire muscles of my body must rise for the aura of your beauty. I also love your character.


• I have been so happy that I cannot even give an explanation to it since the day we become one. I love you.


• Whenever I miss you, I also miss the joy of this world. I miss my heart because it is in you. You are the air I breathe.


• There is no such flower that is as nice as you. I love everything about you from the beginning to the end.


• You are my dream man, the only man possessing the entire qualities I need in a man. I have given my heart to you.


• The most amazing things in my life have to do with the gift of having you in my world. There can’t be any proof left that I don’t love you.


• Let me honour the starlight of my heart, with you, I can be a better person once again. I love you so much.


• You are such an untouchable angel; no one dare share your love with me. I am ready to treat you well forever.


• Day and night, morning and evening, your thoughts never leave my heart. My soul longs to see you all the time.


• If I can touch you for a minute, it is enough for me to be happy for the rest of my life. Your body is sacred to me.


• You are the identity if my life, you are the most ambitious man I met this year and at the same time, the most loving man.


• The purpose of loving you for the rest of my life is certain. It is because there is no man that can replace you in my heart.


• Thanks for being the one the Lord chose for me. I am free to call you the chosen one for me. I can love you forever.


• When I closed my eyes, I saw you in a white gown like an angel, I see you smiling at me and it will be so soon.


• My heart never tells lies to me, I am very sure that you are the best for me. I will love you forever. There is no going back.


• You own this body because your love has gone deep into my heart. Sometimes, I find it difficult to live without thinking about you.


• If I can change the hand of time, will take us to the time we were born, so we can be twins, from birth, and then separate to become husband and wife after.


• I was once told that impossibility is nothing. It is true because there is no way I try not to think of you, but end up thinking about you.


• If anyone sees you and says you are an epitome of beauty and good character, believe him, you inherited it from your Lord.


• There is no space in my heart for anyone again. I am in love with you as though there is no reason to love anymore.


• If you want to know how much you mean to me, try and account the drop of snow on a day. My love for you is countless.


• I don’t have a problem loving you, in fact, you are the best that I wished I had met earlier than now.


• The very moment I set my eyes on you, I saw the blessing that has been awaiting me. I am lucky to have you.


• Come and enjoy a world that promises love and happiness, come and enjoy a world that will ensure you are happy all the time.


• The happiness of a woman is found in the brightness of her eyes. She is always happy all the time. I love you.


• You have been a very beloved husband since the day you married me. I have no reason to disrespect you.


• Remember I promised to stay with you in rain and storm, to prove my love for you, once you make fortune, you can choose to let me continue to stay with you or leave forever.


• Anywhere you go, I will be there with you, I will not stop holding your hands until the kingdom comes.

• Your love has penetrated my heart so deep that I cannot even breathe without getting a smile from you.


• Loving you is my pleasure because you give me joy every day.


• Your happiness in life has always been my top priority, could it be that we have been meant to be even when we were not born?


• I need your love in my life; your love is the most enticing feeling of the year for me. You are my pleasure.


• Having found you, it is now so sweet to have you in this world as an everlasting companion. I love you.


• With your companionship, even heaven will smile and the earth will cherish us. I love you.


• Thanks for being a special love of my life; you make me smile all the time as a good wife. I have never seen a woman as humble as you are. I love everything that concerns you.


• We have prepared these love messages for you. We hope you will enjoy texting them to those that really matter to you. They are all mind-blowing text messages you can actually relate to someone else.



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